15 Best Sushi Restaurants in Riyadh

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Are you a sushi enthusiast looking for the best sushi restaurants in Riyadh? Look no further! In this article, we will take you on a journey of exploration into the world of sushi in Riyadh. We will explore the history of sushi in the city, the top sushi restaurants you should visit, how to choose the right sushi restaurant, and much more. Prepare your taste buds for an adventure!


Best Sushi Restaurants in Riyadh

Are you a sushi lover living in Riyadh? Lucky for you, the city has a wide range of sushi restaurants to choose from. If you’re looking for luxury sushi experiences or budget-friendly spots, then these restaurants are for you. They offer the finest quality ingredients, expertly crafted sushi, and impeccable service.


1. Nobu

15 Best Sushi Restaurants in Riyadh 1
This world-renowned sushi restaurant chain has a location in Riyadh that offers an upscale dining experience with a modern twist on traditional sushi. The restaurant features a stylish and contemporary interior, making it the perfect spot for a romantic dinner or a night out with friends. You can try their signature dishes, such as the black cod miso, rock shrimp tempura, and of course, their famous sushi rolls.

  • Address: King Fahd Rd, Nobu Hotel Riyadh, 2nd floor Al Anoud Tower 2, Riyadh 11352, Saudi Arabia
  • Phone number: +966 11 297 8300
  • Nobu Instagram Account


2. Sushi Yoshi

15 Best Sushi Restaurants in Riyadh 3

This restaurant offers a casual dining experience with fresh sushi at affordable prices. You can try their signature rolls, such as the shrimp tempura roll, Philadelphia roll, and the spicy crab roll. The restaurant also offers a variety of vegetarian options, including the avocado roll and the cucumber roll.


3. Zn Restaurant

15 Best Sushi Restaurants in Riyadh 5

This restaurant offers traditional Japanese cuisine, including sushi, at reasonable prices. The restaurant has a cozy and intimate ambiance, making it the perfect spot for a casual dinner with friends. You can try their classic sushi rolls, such as the California roll, salmon roll, and shrimp roll.


4. MYAZU Riyadh

15 Best Sushi Restaurants in Riyadh 7

With roots in Japanese culture and the most elite sources of inspiration from throughout the globe, Myazu is a modern culinary expression. The senior chefs at Myazu produce modern food using tried-and-true techniques and the finest ingredients. Dine in a chic atmosphere while enjoying amazing culinary creations that aim to achieve a harmonious balance of smokey, sweet, spicy, and vibrant flavors. It is a hip rooftop restaurant with wood features that serves cooked Japanese specialties and common rolls.


5. TOKYO15 Best Sushi Restaurants in Riyadh 9

Tokyo is a highly regarded fine-dining institution with a chic modern setting. Numerous professionals in food and beverage have acknowledged it. By introducing authentic Japanese flavors and Teppanyaki live cooking to the Saudi F&B market, Tokyo offers a combination of Japanese cuisine made with the finest ingredients.


6. Benihana

15 Best Sushi Restaurants in Riyadh 11

Japanese cuisine is served at Benihana Hibachi restaurants, which have locations all over the world. Skilled chefs cook the meal right there at the table. Unsurprisingly, one of their numerous specialties is sushi, which they prepare in a distinctive style. 


7. Shiro

15 Best Sushi Restaurants in Riyadh 13

With an open kitchen approach, Shiro’s team of highly skilled chefs serves a selection of stunning and other imaginatively inspired dishes. Their menu offers contemporary Japanese cuisine that combines traditional and cutting-edge cooking methods in thoughtful ways. Shiro focuses on quality and flavor. They never skimp on quality and only utilize the best ingredients. Sushi, salads, and other Japanese specialties are served in a chic, small restaurant.


8. Kampai

15 Best Sushi Restaurants in Riyadh 15

Kampai is a modern and sleek restaurant serving a range of Asian foods, including specialty sushi rolls, the house’s main dish.



15 Best Sushi Restaurants in Riyadh 17

ROKA is a premium sushi and grilled Japanese cuisine served in a chic, cozy eating venue. ROKA delivers its own brand of modern Japanese Robatayaki cuisine to Riyadh, where it is housed in the brand-new opulent Tahliah Gate building. A tranquil planted terrace and live edge wooden counters create a rare refuge in the middle of the city at ROKA Riyadh, which also has walls made of Japanese rice paper and old woodwork.


10. Masami Sushi مسامي سوشي

15 Best Sushi Restaurants in Riyadh 19

Masami states that they do not cook sushi–they make art. This contemporary restaurant makes a point of preparing and presenting sushi uniquely, ensuring customer satisfaction with craftsmanship in the kitchen.


11. Bonzai Japanese Grill

15 Best Sushi Restaurants in Riyadh 21

Bonzai, through a straightforward yet elegant eating experience, provides delectable meals that are influenced by traditional Japanese cuisine and modern ingredients to produce a creative menu and melt-in-your-mouth meats cooked on your personal smokeless table grill. 


12. Gold Sushi Club

15 Best Sushi Restaurants in Riyadh 23

With its quality silk fabric finishes, dark wood furnishings, and elaborate décor, Gold Sushi Club, which is located on the ground floor, redefines fine dining and keeps itself at the top of foodies’ lists of favorites. Gold Sushi Club provides authentic Japanese cuisine in all of its forms, including sashimi, sushi, Makimono, Temaki, and other Gold specialties.


13. Yokari

15 Best Sushi Restaurants in Riyadh 25

A vivid variety of Japanese foods are served at Yokari, which highlights the fusion of modern and traditional cuisine. The restaurant also offers a delicate and enchanting dining experience. It is a polished restaurant that serves Japanese food in hip, modern surroundings.


14. Nozomi Riyadh

15 Best Sushi Restaurants in Riyadh 27

NOZOMI combines a dining experience with entertainment. It is a collection of international tunes created to soothe customers and guarantee a distinctive ambiance while providing Japanese food.


15. Byö Restaurant مطعم بيو

15 Best Sushi Restaurants in Riyadh 29

Japanese for “seconds” is byö. In a matter of seconds, this restaurant serves Japanese cuisine fit for a king. Their great food and service are highly valued by their customers. In Saudi Arabia, it is a fine casual dining establishment.


Closing Thoughts on the Best Sushi Restaurants in Riyadh

Now that you have all the information you need, get out there and explore the best sushi restaurants in Riyadh. Whether you’re a sushi lover or trying it for the first time, there’s no doubt that you’ll find something that suits your tastes. Whether you’re in the mood for high-end dining experiences, affordable options, or unique fusion restaurants, Riyadh has it all! Happy sushi hunting!


Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Sushi Restaurants in Riyadh

Is sushi popular in Riyadh?

Sushi is a Japanese cuisine that has become a popular choice for food lovers around the world. But how did sushi make its way to Riyadh? Let’s explore its introduction and growth in the city.

Sushi was first introduced to Riyadh back in the early 2000s when international cuisine began to make its way into the city’s food scene. There were only a few restaurants that offered sushi on their menus at the time, and it was mainly served in hotels. However, as the city grew and evolved, so did its love for sushi.

With the increasing popularity of sushi in the world, it was no surprise that the people of Riyadh would fall in love with the delicacy as well. Today, sushi has become a staple of the city’s food scene, and its popularity continues to grow.


How to choose the right sushi restaurant?

With so many sushi restaurants to choose from in Riyadh, it can be overwhelming to decide where to go. However, these tips will help you choose the right sushi restaurant for your needs.

Evaluating the Quality of Ingredients

The quality of ingredients is crucial when it comes to sushi. You want to ensure that the fish and other ingredients used are fresh and of high quality. A good sushi restaurant will use only the freshest and highest quality ingredients.

When evaluating the quality of ingredients, it’s important to consider the source of the fish. Some sushi restaurants may use fish that has been frozen or shipped from far away, which can affect the taste and texture of the sushi. A reputable sushi restaurant will be transparent about where they source their fish from and how often they receive fresh shipments.

Additionally, it’s important to consider the quality of the rice used in the sushi. The rice should be cooked to perfection, with a slightly sticky texture that holds the sushi together without being too dense or mushy.


Assessing the Skill of the Sushi Chef

The skill of the sushi chef is another vital factor to consider. A skilled sushi chef will be able to create and present sushi dishes that are visually appealing and flavorful. Many sushi chefs also go through several years of training to perfect their craft.

When assessing the skill of the sushi chef, it’s important to consider their experience and reputation in the industry. Look for a restaurant that has a head sushi chef with several years of experience and a track record of creating exceptional sushi dishes.

You can also ask the restaurant if they offer omakase, a type of sushi dining experience where the chef creates a custom tasting menu based on your preferences. This is a great way to experience the chef’s skill and creativity firsthand.


Considering the Ambiance and Service

The ambiance and service of a restaurant play a significant role in the overall dining experience. You want to choose a sushi restaurant that has a welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff who are attentive to your needs.

When considering the ambiance, look for a restaurant that has a clean and modern design with comfortable seating. The lighting should be soft and warm, creating a relaxing and intimate atmosphere.

As for service, it’s important to choose a restaurant with servers who are knowledgeable about the menu and can make recommendations based on your preferences. They should also be attentive to your needs and ensure that your dining experience is enjoyable from start to finish.


What are the types of sushi?

Now that you know where to find the best sushi in Riyadh, let’s dive deeper into the different types of sushi: 

Nigiri: a popular type of sushi that consists of a small ball of rice with a piece of fish or another topping on top. It is often served with a bit of wasabi between the rice and the topping to add a bit of heat. 

Sashimi: a sliced raw fish served on its own, without any rice. It is often served with a side of soy sauce and wasabi for dipping. 

Maki rolls: sushi rolls made with rice and various fillings, wrapped in seaweed, and cut into individual pieces. They come in a variety of flavors, from classic California rolls to more adventurous options like spicy tuna or salmon skin rolls.


What is sushi made of?

The ingredients you will find in sushi dishes vary from restaurant to restaurant. However, some common ingredients include fresh fish, avocado, cucumber, crab, shrimp, eel, and tofu. Many sushi restaurants also offer specialty rolls that feature unique combinations of ingredients, like the dragon roll (featuring eel and avocado) or the rainbow roll (featuring a variety of fish and avocado).

When it comes to fish, the most common types used in sushi include tuna, salmon, yellowtail, and eel. Each type of fish has its own unique flavor and texture, so it’s worth trying a variety to find your favorite.


Are there vegetarian and vegan sushi options?

If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, you may be wondering if sushi is an option for you. The good news is that there are plenty of vegetarian and vegan sushi options available. Vegetable rolls often contain avocado, cucumber, carrot, radish, and other flavorful vegetables. Restaurants also offer tofu, egg, and mushroom sushi options.

For a more filling vegetarian option, try a tempura roll, which is filled with battered and fried vegetables like sweet potato or asparagus. You can also ask your server for recommendations on vegetarian or vegan specialty rolls.

Overall, sushi is a versatile and delicious food that can be enjoyed by a variety of dietary preferences. Whether you’re a seafood lover or a vegetarian, there’s a sushi option out there for you.


How many sushi restaurants are in Riyadh?

There are more than 50 sushi restaurants in Riyadh. This consolidates Riyadh’s firm tradition in sushi-making, fostering a culture of delectable sushi within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In our list below, you will find the list of only the best Sushi Restaurants in Riyadh.


What is the best sushi restaurant in Riyadh?

Following reviews from users on Google, MYAZU is regarded as one of the best sushi restaurants in Riyadh. This trendy restaurant serving prepared Japanese favorites and standard rolls in a busy setting with wood accents is highly popular within the city. 


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